Project Testimonials

Amy Minervini

Lines of praise for this collaborative project:

“I am really proud of my work. I think it was edited and written really well. I actually enjoyed this project. It wasn’t overwhelmingly hard, but it offered some challenges and obstacles that I had to overcome later, boosting my confidence.”

“I enjoyed working with new people in the class and learning how to organize content and relearn writing skills.”

“It is neat to think that this may help other students.”

“This was an amazing project and experience that can/will help future students understand the subject matter in a better way.”

“This project got me to reconsider changing my major from business to education, reminding me of my passion to share that which I have learned.” -Devin Nardecchia


If you are interested in pursuing a student-authored OER project but are not sure where to start or need some troubleshooting tips, feel free to contact me:



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