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Research on multimedia/other resources etc.

Have a list of questions for Daniel.
What is a podcast?
What kind of questions you do? Personal opinions or argumentative questions?
What topics do you cover? Like todays news? Or smaller news stories?

1. A podcast is almost like a radio show that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want. Almost like it’s on-demand radio.
2. The questions we ask on Brown Sound are usually thought provoking that open up dialogue with friends or guests about the experiences we’ve been through.
3. We usually share our personal opinions on experiences that are relatable or things that we’ve personally been through.
4. The topics we cover on Brown Sound are literally anything and everything. We share about our cultures, toxic masculinity in our cultures, our work careers, to pop culture and other social justice issues

Check in on my cousin Daniel and listen to his podcast.

Write it down (notes,thoughts,opinions).

I listened to a latest episode and the first episode it has an intro change but keeps the general idea of the podcast. Audio has changed over time. There are two co hosts in the podcast. My cousin Daniel and his friend Javier. There is a lot of comedy and joking around in the first episode. The duo do an insight of perspective on indigenous and Latinx culture. The podcast has segments and organized. I’m in the middle of the podcast episode it takes place at the end of 2022 and it’s on season 3 episode 12 or 11. The hour-long podcast sometimes will include guest speakers and delves into their sharing of cultural practices, including traditional medicine, cooking, and music as well as topics like education, history, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

I welcome you to listen to the podcast, trying an early episode, middle/developmental episode, and one of their latest episodes in order to hear the storytelling process evolve. As the podcast unrolls, not only do the hosts become more organized and more comfortable behind the microphone but also more confident in sharing cultural insights. This audio journey is much like the writing process where ideas start with a seed and then bloom with hard work and attention.

Key features of the podcast:
◦ To spread positivity
◦ To get an insight into Indigenous and Latinx communities and perspectives
◦ There are a lot of similarities to other indigenous cultures such as Latinx, Native Americans, and islanders and many more
◦ Not a monolith of people
◦ Differences and similarities
◦ A lot of laughter, harmony, humor
◦ Grew up on teasing and terrorizing in a friendly manner
◦ Has segments and topics and stories
◦ Personal stories are shared
◦ Personal experiences are shared
◦ Cultural teachings are shared

The next part of my research on my topic of multimedia/other resources. I asked my cousin Daniel about his podcast on sharing different perspectives being indigenous/LatinX and I’m now doing research on podcasts that do story sharing but I’m gonna be focused on horror story telling.

I’ve listened about 3 different horror story series which are my personal favorites. Key points I’ve noticed:
◦ Most of them are narrators some are dramatic and drastic, deep and soothing tone, and others set up the story and have impressive V.A’s (Voice Actors) that are in charge of their characters.
◦ Some of these narrators have a link that allow people to submit their stories and they read them to the audience.
◦ Some add sound effects and music to add an uproar to build up the horror and sometimes drama depending what you’re listening to.
◦ I know of one the narrators do a collection of small stories and/or a collection of the same category of stories together.

Link to the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brown-sound/id1606974462

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